The Lost Warhols: Andy Goes Street in Vilamoura, Portugal

 “The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.” – Disney CEO Bob Iger’s quote echoes the ethos of the ethical muse and Omey Projects collaboration for The Lost Warhols – Andy Goes Street in Vilamoura, Portugal.

As ethical muse continues to evolve organically, we are curious and inquisitive for collaborations that will stretch our imagination on the sustainable luxury platform. Our latest muse-worthy endeavor involves pop art founder Andy Warhol as a model on canvas rather than the illustrator, filmmaker, painter or printmaker; visionary artist Karen Bystedt, who embodies the Mixed Media movement; and Omey Projects.

Kelly Murtagh

The Canvas

Kelly Murtagh is the founder and creative vision behind Omey Projects, an urban contemporary art consultancy based in the Algarve, Portugal. She specializes in the hospitality and leisure industry with a spirit for curating The Story of Art. Producing unforgettable spaces while making every effort to provide sustainable solutions through careful sourcing, Omey Projects aims to find old mediums, materials, or artisanal skills to regenerate and give a new lease of life when possible; turning them into contemporary artworks to be featured in commercial spaces.

After meeting Kelly and learning more about her ethos regarding sustainability in the luxury world of art, we saw an opportunity to collaborate. Whether it be supporting a local artist in an effort to share their talent with the community and the world, the abstract sustainability of creativity and freedom of expression, or using eco-friendly framing to show off artwork, art is a sustainable luxury on many levels.

The Lost Warhols by Karen Bystedt

The Creative Vision

While she was a photography student at NYU, Karen Bystedt was working on a book about the top male models of the era when she decided to cold call Andy Warhol. He agreed to a rare photo shoot in the conference room of  his New York studio, The Factorythe hip hangout for artistic types and groundbreaking parties.

Finding the negatives in 2011, long packed away since that 1982 shoot, Karen carefully restored 10 of these images and began collaborating with artists in the pop art and street genres. LA-based Bystedt was innovative in creating The Lost Warhols – Andy goes Street with murals, stencils and wheat-paste guerilla-like art all over Los Angeles. As Karen states, “I love creating street art that can be viewed by any and everyone on the streets.” A movement was born.

Andy goes Street - collaboration with Speedy Graphito

Karen Bystedt collaboration with Speedy Graphito

Omey Projects reached out to Karen to broach the idea of producing The Lost Warhols exhibit in Portugal and, just like that, Andy Goes Street in Vilamoura was born. For the Vilamoura exhibition, Karen is collaborating with 11 artists including 9 who reside in Portugal; merging ubiquitous styles of mixed media, photography and urban art into unique pieces. The 11 original pieces of art (inclusive of one contact sheet) will be framed with a sustainable Sugi wood frame, derived from the forests of the Azores.

Creative, innovative and sustainable.

The Connection

Where does ethical muse fit into this artistic puzzle? Working directly with Omey Projects, managing all social media leading up to and including the event, we will also be on the ground during opening week keeping our muses in cyberspace up to date with Vilamoura’s inaugural art and cultural program through @omeyprojects and @ethicalmuse on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The Unveiling 

If you are looking to plan a sun-drenched getaway this summer, come join ethical muse and combine your holiday with a visit to the exhibit, The Lost Warhols – Andy goes Street in Vilamoura, Portugal. Open to the public for 10 weeks from mid-June through August. All art work on exhibit will be available for purchase.

Opening night June 16, 2016

Vilamoura Marina