Look Who We Met… Travel Muse, Dr. Cacinda Maloney

Dr. Cacinda Maloney

Whether she is hiking Machu Picchu, galloping on camels at sunrise in Jordan, zip-lining through a rainforest in Mexico, rappelling a 100 foot waterfall in Costa Rica or dancing with natives in Fiji, one thing is certain; Dr. Cacinda Maloney embraces life with gusto. In the second part of our interview with her, let’s get a bit more personal with … Read More

Dr. Cacinda Maloney: Travel Crush

Cacinda Maloney

Dr. Cacinda Maloney, travel writer, blogger, photographer and social media influencer, is passionate about value luxury travel as well as adventure and culture. She created the popular blog Points and Travel and is also a brand ambassador for Travelocity, Rocky Mountaineer and the Findery App. Having traveled every six weeks of her life for over 20 years and worked with a multitude of … Read More