Rabab Tantawy; Sustaining Through Art

Rabab Tantawy is a Dubai-based artist focused on sustaining Egyptian and African heritage art.  Her bio speaks to being inspired by Africa’s rich history, and her paintings focus on portraying the close-knit African families standing tall in spite of their everyday struggles. Rabab’s artwork chooses to reflect happy times, connected to the brighter future that she feels will soon prevail on the continent.

Because of our ongoing pledge to help sustain the students at the Masooli School in Uganda, and Rabab’s desire to inspire and portray a brighter future through her art, it was a perfect fit to work with her; creating a unique piece where the money earned goes directly towards supporting the students at Masooli. 

Khamsa, which is a universal sign of divine protection, features in virtually every culture. It has been called by many names: the Hand-of-Venus, the Hand-of-Mary, the Hand of Fatima – and, in Judaism, the five fingers of the khamsa hand remind its bearer to use their five senses to praise God.

Khamsa represents blessings, power and strength, and is regarded as a powerful means to deflect the evil eye.

A 21 cm x 27.9 cm acrylic on handmade paper, Khamsa sells for $70 USD (AED 250). With Rabab generously donating 100% of sales towards ethical muse’s committment of supporting the Masooli students, each painting sold affords the children school meals and supplies. To purchase Khamsa, or any of her other pieces, please contact Rabab at rabab.tantawy@gmail.com. You can check out her beautiful portfolio here.


Rabab during a visit to Masooli School in Uganda