Vegetarian Michelin Chef Shares Philosophy and Who Inspires Him

It’s not every day that a Michelin-starred chef, tweezers in hand and with surgical precision, delicately places a slice of dehydrated beetroot on your plate. It was a gourmet and sensory  experience for ethical muse as we enjoyed a coveted place at the Chef’s Table in Vila Joya, a boutique resort located in Portugal. Paul Ivic, the chef of Tian … Read More

Tennis Anyone? All About the Hair…

Julien Farel and Wawrinka

Full disclosure, ethical muse is all about the hair. A good hair day or a great blow-out always leave us with a spring in our step. We also love tennis. What do these two things have in common? Julien Farel. A month ago, the US Open was in full swing. Ball placement, number of aces, speed of serve, brand of … Read More

Living with Anorexia Nervosa – My Lessons, by Mina Roukbi

WARRIOR (noun): a person who shows or who has shown great vigor or courage; one who is centered or strong inside and out ethical muse has often written that a true sustainable luxury is creating the time to take care of sustaining our mind, body and spirit. In support of that, two of our summer posts have highlighted the joys of … Read More

Seeing the World Through the Lens of @wyattandthewhale

His Instagram feed explodes with visual poetry, giving followers an inspiring dose of eye-candy with every post. If you haven’t yet followed @wyattandthewhale you really must. A junior at Harvard College studying Psychology, Wyatt Roberston epitomizes an ethical muse core belief: you can sustain your soul by  feeding and fueling your passion. What could be more of a sustainable luxury than … Read More

Look Who We Met: Private Chef Charle Boshoff

If you can’t stand the heat, invite Charle Boshoff into your kitchen! Currently working as a private chef, Charle’s career as a culinary guru has brought her opportunities to travel the world. A girl after our own heart – a foodie and a traveler! Originally from South Africa she got her culinary start working with the Radisson hotel group. There, she … Read More

Look Who We Met: Instagram Muse…Flairhunter

Flairhunter in snow

Last week we introduced you to Stephanie Hunt, the traveling treasure hunter searching for flair wherever she goes. We focused on her interior design business and evolution into an Instagram influencer, but in part 2 of our interview we get more personal. Since she will be joining us next week in Portugal to hunt for flair and soak in the uber-cool art scene during … Read More

Look Who We Met… Jessica Manley, Wanderlust

Jessica Manley was born consumed with wanderlust. Traveling the world and working with early stage start-ups in both NYC and London, she is now living back in New Orleans and is focused on her own ventures as the cofounder of both The Soulcation Retreats and El Merchante. Jessica is a perfect example of someone living authentically in terms of balancing sustainability within … Read More

Look Who We Met… Travel Muse, Dr. Cacinda Maloney

Dr. Cacinda Maloney

Whether she is hiking Machu Picchu, galloping on camels at sunrise in Jordan, zip-lining through a rainforest in Mexico, rappelling a 100 foot waterfall in Costa Rica or dancing with natives in Fiji, one thing is certain; Dr. Cacinda Maloney embraces life with gusto. In the second part of our interview with her, let’s get a bit more personal with … Read More

Look Who We Met…Sustainability Guru, Samer Kamal

samer interview

Last week we introduced you to Samer Kamal, an entrepreneur with his hands in all sorts of sustainable pies. He had so much great information to share that we felt we just had to do a two-parter. Here is the rest of the interview. Join us as we get a bit more personal with this sustainability guru… Favorite holiday destination? That’s a toss-up … Read More

Look Who We Met…Celebrity Chef, Giorgio Locatelli

With authentic Italian roots, and restaurants located in London and Dubai, celebrity chef Giorgio Locatelli is part of a cooking legacy. Born in Corgeno, on the shores of Lake Comabbio in Northern Italy, this Michelin star chef pays extra attention to the quality and sustainability of his ingredients. Needless to say, he has found the way to our hearts (and our stomachs). A … Read More