In Serra da Estrela, in the heart of central Portugal, lies the tiny village of Cabeça. Perfect scenery, terraced fields and a silence that is intermittently broken by flocks of sheep herded by local Estrela dogs surround its 200 inhabitants. Home to the highest mountain and the only place in Portugal to ski, residents of Cabeça gather together each year … Read More

Living with Anorexia Nervosa – My Lessons, by Mina Roukbi

WARRIOR (noun): a person who shows or who has shown great vigor or courage; one who is centered or strong inside and out ethical muse has often written that a true sustainable luxury is creating the time to take care of sustaining our mind, body and spirit. In support of that, two of our summer posts have highlighted the joys of … Read More

Seeing the World Through the Lens of @wyattandthewhale

His Instagram feed explodes with visual poetry, giving followers an inspiring dose of eye-candy with every post. If you haven’t yet followed @wyattandthewhale you really must. A junior at Harvard College studying Psychology, Wyatt Roberston epitomizes an ethical muse core belief: you can sustain your soul by  feeding and fueling your passion. What could be more of a sustainable luxury than … Read More

Eating Clean in the Exumas

New Life chef

The waters of the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas must surely be rated among some of the best in the world. But, perhaps Cathy is a bit biased since these waters were the natural playground for her two young boys in the early 2000’s. Low tides would produce sandbanks stretching for miles and they would spend countless hours with friends searching … Read More

Gone to the Beach

We are blog-lite this week, slowing down the pace of our busy summer to take time to enjoy the smell of the surf and the feel of the sand between our toes. Of course, even on holiday we are always on the look out for the best of sustainable luxury to share…so, basically, this beach holiday is part of our ongoing … Read More

11 Howard’s Conscious Hospitality

There’s a new buzzword on the streets: conscious hospitality. Aby Rosen is the brainchild behind the creation of 11 Howard, Soho’s newest hotel that prides itself on defining that term. ethical muse seized the opportunity to spend a night in Soho in order to learn more about conscious hospitality from Director of Sales and Marketing, Shannon Sheppard. Read on and discover a bit … Read More

100 hours on the Algarve with the ethical muse Squad

Isn’t there a saying that goes, “All work and no play…..” ethical muse ensured business and pleasure would go hand-in-hand during our brief 5 days, 100 hours on the Algarve for The Lost Warhol exhibition. Our squad was supported by @flairhunter of Stephanie Hunt Interiors (Globe roamer. Interior Designer. Trend spotter. Art collector. Vintage obsessor. Color junkie. Boy mom.); Kate … Read More

The Lost Warhols Found in Vilamoura World, Portugal

If we were lost, it would be an absolute dream to suddenly be transported to southern Portugal; the captivating Algarve where the sun shines daily, the sky is a cloudless vivid blue, and the sea is invigoratingly nippy. This is exactly where Omey Projects brought The Lost Warhols for their inaugural international holiday, far from their starting point in Los Angeles. … Read More

The Lost Warhols: Andy Goes Street in Vilamoura, Portugal

 “The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.” – Disney CEO Bob Iger’s quote echoes the ethos of the ethical muse and Omey Projects collaboration for The Lost Warhols – Andy Goes Street in Vilamoura, Portugal. As ethical muse continues to evolve organically, we are curious and inquisitive for collaborations that will stretch our imagination on the sustainable … Read More

Managing the Side Effects of Travel…Sustainably

“Have passport, will travel” is the unofficial motto of Dubai. Made up of over 80% of expatriates, there is typically a mass exodus when Spring Break, or any holiday, rolls around. However, after the excitement of the trip is over and before being able to comfortably transition back into a routine, there is always a horrid hurdle to clear. No, it’s not passport … Read More