Oyster Farming in the Algarve

You either love them or hate them. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. We are talking about the humble oyster, also considered a gourmet delicacy and claimed to be an aphrodisiac. Close to Tavira, one finds Moinho dos Ilheus, a family-owned property which has survived three generations. Spend an afternoon with second-generation Margarida, and you will learn that … Read More

Eating Clean in the Exumas

New Life chef

The waters of the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas must surely be rated among some of the best in the world. But, perhaps Cathy is a bit biased since these waters were the natural playground for her two young boys in the early 2000’s. Low tides would produce sandbanks stretching for miles and they would spend countless hours with friends searching … Read More

Look Who We Met: Private Chef Charle Boshoff

If you can’t stand the heat, invite Charle Boshoff into your kitchen! Currently working as a private chef, Charle’s career as a culinary guru has brought her opportunities to travel the world. A girl after our own heart – a foodie and a traveler! Originally from South Africa she got her culinary start working with the Radisson hotel group. There, she … Read More

A Visit to Union Square Greenmarket with Private Chef Charle Boshoff

When new acquaintances learn that Cathy is married to a CIA graduate, their eyes widen with amazement and intrigue. Don’t get too excited…it’s not THAT CIA. We’re referring to The Culinary Institute of America. This premiere culinary college has a track record for turning out some of the best executive chefs, restaurant owners, top-tier hospitality executives and personal/private chefs. Honestly, here at … Read More

Maria: Embracing the Slow Food Movement in Cartagena

As soon as our feet step onto the cobblestones in Cartagena de Indias, our senses are energized by the rich history and vivid colors that surround us. The vendor selling fresh limeade, historic buildings awash in pastels, colorful handicrafts, straw hats and the clip-clop of horses. However, when ethical muse travels to an exotic locale, it always seems to end … Read More

Look Who We Met…Celebrity Chef, Giorgio Locatelli

With authentic Italian roots, and restaurants located in London and Dubai, celebrity chef Giorgio Locatelli is part of a cooking legacy. Born in Corgeno, on the shores of Lake Comabbio in Northern Italy, this Michelin star chef pays extra attention to the quality and sustainability of his ingredients. Needless to say, he has found the way to our hearts (and our stomachs). A … Read More

Talking Sustainability with Locanda Locatelli Restaurant

ethical muse has had a long-standing friendship with fun-loving northern Italian chef Giorgio Locatelli, who is considered by many to be one of the best Italian chefs in the UK. Highlighting natural flavors of local produce, maintaining a Michelin star, and being the author of  cookbooks reflecting his Italian heritage whets our appetite on the blend of luxury and sustainability. … Read More

Following Up: A Few Favorite Finds from Lewis Andrews Lifestyle Store

The Algarve’s boutique department store, Lewis Andrews Lifestyle, is a convenient go-to for Cathy’s family when they spend time at their home in Portugal. Last week we got to know a bit more about the owners of this lifestyle concept. Now let’s see what Cathy has to say about a few of her favorite purchases. It might spur on a last-minute Christmas gift idea… The food … Read More

ethical muse Shares Their Scoop on Goop

As fans of Gwyneth Paltrow’s life-style blog Goop, we couldn’t wait to pay a visit to her pop-up shop in Manhattan. Walking into Goop Mrkt makes you feel as if you’ve been invited to her NYC apartment. All cool girl vibe, with her trademark feminine touches throughout. Designed by Roman and Williams, each piece of furniture is available for sale along with … Read More

Sustaining the Tradition of Giving Thanks

The last Thursday in November is Thanksgiving day; an American holiday steeped in tradition. While originally representative of the Pilgrims coming to America and sharing a meal with their new Native American friends, over the years it has morphed into an excuse to over-eat and spend the day watching football.  Christina and Cathy’s personal Thanksgiving traditions have evolved over time, but one … Read More