Look Who We Met: Instagram Muse…Flairhunter

Flairhunter in snow

Last week we introduced you to Stephanie Hunt, the traveling treasure hunter searching for flair wherever she goes. We focused on her interior design business and evolution into an Instagram influencer, but in part 2 of our interview we get more personal. Since she will be joining us next week in Portugal to hunt for flair and soak in the uber-cool art scene during our Lost Warhols collaboration with Omey Projects, we thought you should get to know a bit more about our Instagram muse and soon to be travel companion, Flairhunter

What is your favorite holiday destination? Favorite holiday destination? Ugh! There is too much pressure to narrow it down to one. I can’t.  So, how about two or three categories? First, I love a great city I can get totally lost in and explore, be a little anonymous and just people watch and flair hunt: Paris, Munich, or New York. A warm beach where I can shed all my winter layers and feel the warm sun with my toes buried in the sand, listening to the waves and watching the seagulls, also makes the list. That’s the California girl in me. Laguna Beach or Malibu are perfect! And third, something that involves adventure and adrenaline. A mountain climb, great ski adventure, or even a road trip in a foreign country where you can’t read or understand any of the signs.


What was your worst trip? I’ve never not loved anywhere! And sometimes worst turns into the best. Traveling home from rural China we were stranded in the Beijing airport for nine hours and literally unable to get back to the U.S. since we missed our connection.  After eight days in subzero rural China with EXTREMELY primitive (I’ll leave it at that) bathrooms, we just wanted to be home. We were tired, anxious, homesick for the dogs and a routine…and desperately needing a bean burrito from Taco Bell. In the end, we were unexpectedly rerouted through Hawaii with a five-hour layover in Honolulu, so in full winter clothes we hailed a cab and sat on the beaches of Waikiki for two hours! Silver linings, and lemons turning into lemonade. A lesson for travelers: look at the bright side of everything because all of it makes for great stories to tell afterwards.


What’s on your playlist? My playlist will surely expose me as all over the map, literally and figuratively speaking. I’ve got ACDC, Snoop, Tupac, Flo Rida, Eric Church, Little Big Town, Simon and Garfunkle, The Smiths, Cat Stevens, Rihanna, Adam Levine, Edith Piaf.

Do you have a tried and true jet-lag remedy? Yes, and it works every time.

1. Tons of water. And I don’t even really like water.

2. Fresh air and a brisk walk or hike, whether I feel like it or not.

3. Even though it goes against everything advised, I take a nap! I’d rather give in to the fatigue than walk around feeling miserable.


Five items you never travel without A good book, noise canceling head phones, sleeping pills (ha!), great face and eye creams, and beanies/trucker hats (featured prominently in my Instagram) because my hair is generally a disaster wherever I am.

How do you like to spend your time in flight? On a plane I read, sleep, daydream, and think. I love the silence and the fact that no one can reach me and I can’t reach anyone. Then, in the last two hours when I can’t stand it any longer, I watch a movie.

Favorite App Anything direction-oriented since I get lost more often than I’d like to admit. I also love weather apps so I can pack appropriately.

What are you currently reading? Circling the Sun by Paula McLain. Brilliant historical fiction about a woman named Beryl Markham, set in Africa in the 1920s. Love, love, love.

Red or white?  White. But it’s bizarre that I’d say white because I’m a color kind of girl so it really should be red! But, for whatever reason, I don’t really love red. I love salmon or coral but not red. White for me is a go-with for all of the other vibrant colors that I can’t live without, that I love to wear and to use in design: citron yellow, fuchsia, apple green, dark chocolate, aqua, tangerine, turquoise…Uh, Steph….we meant wine…which is your favorite, red or white wine…. Ohhhh! Well, my answer is still the same. White! But, I’m an equal opportunity wine drinker…


Early bird or night owl? After 6 p.m. I am overwhelmed by quite literally something as easy to tackle as a load of laundry or feeding the dogs. At 5 a.m. I can take on the problems of the world and I am excited for a new day. No matter where I am in the world.