Sustaining Goals: Top 10 Reasons to Climb Kilimanjaro

Cathy climbs Kilimanjaro

Some people have lofty goals. Like, mountainous ones… Whether you desire to do your part to support the planet, people or community; to sustain the slow food movement, creativity or personal choices; you must first figure out what the need is and then reflect on how you can best achieve fulfillment. Every sustainability plan starts with goal-setting. And just like sustainability … Read More

Maria: Embracing the Slow Food Movement in Cartagena

As soon as our feet step onto the cobblestones in Cartagena de Indias, our senses are energized by the rich history and vivid colors that surround us. The vendor selling fresh limeade, historic buildings awash in pastels, colorful handicrafts, straw hats and the clip-clop of horses. However, when ethical muse travels to an exotic locale, it always seems to end … Read More

The Lost Warhols: Andy Goes Street in Vilamoura, Portugal

 “The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.” – Disney CEO Bob Iger’s quote echoes the ethos of the ethical muse and Omey Projects collaboration for The Lost Warhols – Andy Goes Street in Vilamoura, Portugal. As ethical muse continues to evolve organically, we are curious and inquisitive for collaborations that will stretch our imagination on the sustainable … Read More

Look Who We Met… Jessica Manley, Wanderlust

Jessica Manley was born consumed with wanderlust. Traveling the world and working with early stage start-ups in both NYC and London, she is now living back in New Orleans and is focused on her own ventures as the cofounder of both The Soulcation Retreats and El Merchante. Jessica is a perfect example of someone living authentically in terms of balancing sustainability within … Read More

Managing the Side Effects of Travel…Sustainably

“Have passport, will travel” is the unofficial motto of Dubai. Made up of over 80% of expatriates, there is typically a mass exodus when Spring Break, or any holiday, rolls around. However, after the excitement of the trip is over and before being able to comfortably transition back into a routine, there is always a horrid hurdle to clear. No, it’s not passport … Read More

Soulcation: Sustaining Mind, Body and Soul

Sustainability is such a buzz word. It weaves its way into so many different areas. We do our best trying to become more conscious of sustaining the environment, sustaining others through philanthropy, sustaining the community by buying local, eating organic, and carefully reading our fashion labels. The list goes on and on. But one often overlooked area is when it comes … Read More

Taking a Spring Break

This blog-lite post is brought to you by “Spring Break”. We’ll return next week with our usual full-length post you’ve come to expect. In the meantime, enjoy a glimpse at the juxtaposed colors of our two very different adventures…

Trending Footwear: Shoes Your Mood, Convertible Trainers

Once upon a time there was a boy named Luís Maria Marvão. Born and raised in Portugal, as a child he had dreams of becoming an architect. As he grew into a man, his dedication enabled him to fulfill that dream, and his curiosity led him to travel the world.  As his mind and his experiences expanded, his creativity led him … Read More

Look Who We Met… Travel Muse, Dr. Cacinda Maloney

Dr. Cacinda Maloney

Whether she is hiking Machu Picchu, galloping on camels at sunrise in Jordan, zip-lining through a rainforest in Mexico, rappelling a 100 foot waterfall in Costa Rica or dancing with natives in Fiji, one thing is certain; Dr. Cacinda Maloney embraces life with gusto. In the second part of our interview with her, let’s get a bit more personal with … Read More

Dr. Cacinda Maloney: Travel Crush

Cacinda Maloney

Dr. Cacinda Maloney, travel writer, blogger, photographer and social media influencer, is passionate about value luxury travel as well as adventure and culture. She created the popular blog Points and Travel and is also a brand ambassador for Travelocity, Rocky Mountaineer and the Findery App. Having traveled every six weeks of her life for over 20 years and worked with a multitude of … Read More