Look Who We Met…The Man Behind Provenance Hotels: Bashar Wali

Back in November, we highlighted one of our #sustainaluxe discoveries, Sentinel; one of Provenance’s luxury boutique hotels located in a 106-year-old historic building in Portland, Oregon. Today, let’s get to know a bit more about the charming and humorous President of Provenance Hotels, Bashar Wali…

Bashar, we love your description of yourself found on the Leadership page of the  Provenenancehotels.com website.  Tell us a bit about this fun bio style. Contrary to the normal boring “I went to Harvard, I worked at Goldman etc.”, I thought I would give a glimpse of the human not the drone. And, what better way than with a Twitter-like bio. In reality, one would like to assume that people who work in a certain discipline are qualified to do the job. I wanted to share the human behind the business card with our prospective guests and partners.

Favorite holiday destination? Big metropolitan cities. I am an urbanite at heart. New York City over the Maldives ANYDAY.


What’s on your iPod? Anything from Lorde to Drake to Joy Division. And a whole lot of House Music. Although, what helps me be super productive while listening to music is Opera.

Favorite jet-lag remedy? I never change my watch to the time zone I am in. Honestly, SUCK IT UP! Self-propelling, and not thinking about how little sleep I got, gets me through it.

I never leave home without… Kissing my wife and kids goodbye.

5 items you never travel without  

1. Some way, somehow, to be on the grid no matter what remote desert I may be in. 3G Hotspot, satellite phone, a homing pigeon…whatever it takes…a communication device of some sort.

2. My Stephen Smith Jasmine Green Tea

3. Prong iPhone charger/battery

4. My passport, because you never know when I may, on a whim, decide to  jump on a plane aimlessly.

5. A new pair of shoes; yes, I do have a shoe thing and always use a trip as an excuse for a new pair.

One way you personally plan to incorporate (or currently channel) sustainability into your lifestyle choices In addition to doing the easy “good citizen” practice like recycling (and it shocks me how many cities STILL do not do it), being on the road so much and being an urban explorer, I also often look for public transportation options. Not only does it reduce my carbon footprint, but what a fantastic way to explore the “real destination” and maybe meet an interesting character or two along the way.

Favorite App? Postmates. On demand EVERYTHING. An almond milk latte hand delivered by a bike messenger, while sitting in a boring meeting at a law firm, always blows peoples’ minds when it shows up.

What are you reading? The Man who Ate Everything, by Jeffrey Steingarten.


What’s your typical weekday routine? Don’t know what that means? A Routine? Wait, let me look it up…

Early bird or night owl? Night owl.

What or who inspires you? Anyone with a true work ethic and common sense. Not easy to find these days.

Which song is best suited for the sound-track of your life? Empire State of Mind, by Jay Z.

Favorite dessert? Chocolate anything.

Favorite wine? Not a big wine drinker, but I am a Fernet Branca FANATIC.

Favorite restaurant in Portland? Ava Gene’s.

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