Look Who We Met… Travel Muse, Dr. Cacinda Maloney

Dr. Cacinda Maloney

Whether she is hiking Machu Picchu, galloping on camels at sunrise in Jordan, zip-lining through a rainforest in Mexico, rappelling a 100 foot waterfall in Costa Rica or dancing with natives in Fiji, one thing is certain; Dr. Cacinda Maloney embraces life with gusto. In the second part of our interview with her, let’s get a bit more personal with our travel muse…

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Favorite holiday destination? That is so hard to answer! I have many, for so many different reasons:

Cities: San Miguel de Allende, Oaxacan City, Barcelona, and Buenos Aires. I tend to lean heavily towards colonial Spanish cities as a preference. But I also love Rome, Genoa, Vienna, Jerusalem and Oslo.

Beach: Santorini, Grand Cayman, Maldives, Fiji.

Off-the-beaten-path: Chichicastenango, Guatemala; Petra, Jordan; Atacama Desert and Zapallar, Chile.


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Your worst trip was to…Why? Berlin, Germany. It was snowing. The weather was very bleak and freezing and so were the people I met on that trip. I was miserable. I need to go back in the springtime!

Apple Music or Spotify? Spotify.

What’s on your playlist? I am horrible with knowing the names of the artists that inspire me. When I hear it, I instantly know. But to name them, I just don’t have that organized in my life yet. Sad, but true. I wish I did.

Favorite cuisine? Mexican and fresh seafood.



Favorite jet-lag remedy? Go directly to the hotel and go to bed. I know some people stay up to get into sync with the current local time, but I prefer to go to bed right away and pad the vacation with extra days before, and also after, to get in sync with the current time.

Five items you never travel without? Macbook, iPhone 6 Plus, chargers, DSLR, and my airplane kit (includes things like a blow up pillow, natural sleep aids, ear plugs, noise cancelling head set, a pen, etc).

Favorite App? Findery, which is an app that I create destination content for, so I am a little biased! It is GPS based, so anywhere you are you can find out what’s cool to visit around you (near) or you can dream about places to go (far). It is simple, but I love it. I also love the American Airlines App, Uber App and my favorite Instagram app is Diptic.

Favorite travel accessory? iPhone 6 Plus mophie

What are you currently reading? I Am Malala, since National Geographic Wild sent it to me for the film debut. I wish I had more time to read.

On a plane, how do you prefer to pass the time? I work, work, work. I like to get a majority of the writing part of my work done before I come home from a trip. This is when it’s fresh and just flows.

Early bird or night owl? Both. It depends on the time zone!

Who or what inspires you? Colonial Mexican architecture, interior design, dance, culture, and language is what inspires me. Generational artisans and craftsman who continue the long-lost art and craft methods of the world. Colors motivate me. Oh, and I love doors and windows.12195884_10208126648866619_5547564835378859717_n


*All photos are Cacinda Maloney’s

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