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Women who Inspire: Cathy & Christina

Fashion has many women flying the ethical flag; Stella McCartney, Livia Firth and Ali Hewson amongst many others. In Dubai, a city full of malls and materialism, ethical muse is a brand which brings sustainable accessories into the spotlight. Founded by two fantastic, well-travelled women, Cathy & Christina, are most certainly Women who Inspire.


Favourite quote/mantra to live by

I actually love quotes and collect them in a journal. I read through them often for inspiration. But there is one that isn’t in my journal but has been ingrained in my thoughts and in the soul of who I am. “Do unto others as you’d have done unto you”. Treating everyone with the same respect and kindness is how I strive to live my life and also ties in to our ethical muse ethos. – Christina

New fashionable discovery

ethical muse will be launching our cork travel pouches in September. Married to a frequent traveller, my husband is always looking for utility bags for his chargers, electrical cords and different world currencies, so we used this as our inspiration. Cork is a renewable resource which is lightweight, hypoallergenic and waterproof. Most importantly we love the way it looks, and wish to share that without shoppers. – Cathy

Ultimate beauty essential

Confidence. And a great nude lipstick and gloss. – Christina

Personal or professional achievement

My professional achievements are marrying all the things that I am most passionate about. Working with Christina discovering artisans who are already working with sustainable, upcycled or recycled materials and elevating their designs for a consumer market, concurrently with supporting the feeding program at Masooli makes the time and effort in this business so worthwhile.

Personally, standing on top of Africa’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro. This was both a physical and psychological challenge having attempted the climb first in August 2012, and achieving success on March 17th 2013. Watching sunrise at 5000m and stargazing in pitch darkness are 2 images that will be imbedded in my mind. – Cathy

Favourite ethical designer

It would be Vicky & Izelle from Joya who take our recycled paper beads and add silver and semi-precious stones, producing a hip bracelet with meaning. They are African influenced and locally made, training South African youth to improve their skills and finances. We love working with them. – Cathy & Christina.

Most inspirational female

From women such as Cathy, to higher profile women like Livia Firth and Lauren Bush-Lauren, for their contributions to the world of social entrepreneurship and sustainable fashion, I find inspiration in many women. Women like Oprah who encourage taking charge of one’s life through thoughts and actions inspire and motivate me to believe in myself and my dreams. – Christina.

Ultimate Dubai day out

Hard to admit, but with Dubai’s busyness, my most ultimate day out is actually a day in, enjoying my home and cooking breakfast for the family on a Friday, lounging around catching up on reading, and going for a walk on the beach. – Cathy

Book that should be on every woman’s shelf

I read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle about 10 years ago and it has had a tremendous impact on me. Reminding myself to stay in the present and to control runaway thoughts is a daily challenge so I pick up the book often. – Christina

Reason for being where you are today

As a young Chinese girl growing up in Sydney, I would have never imagined that I would be living in Dubai with my teenage sons and husband, working at the Masooli School in Uganda, and setting up an accessories business based on sustainable, upcycled and recycled materials. The reason for being here today? Keeping an open mind, realising home is where my family is, enjoying the journey, making bold decisions, being passionate about my interests and acknowledging how lucky we are. – Cathy

Most valuable piece of advice you ever received

This is not necessarily a piece of advice someone specific offered me. It is more of advice I have given to myself; Be grateful and, always remember to breathe because everything is temporary. – Christina


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