The Lost Warhols Found in Vilamoura World, Portugal

If we were lost, it would be an absolute dream to suddenly be transported to southern Portugal; the captivating Algarve where the sun shines daily, the sky is a cloudless vivid blue, and the sea is invigoratingly nippy. This is exactly where Omey Projects brought The Lost Warhols for their inaugural international holiday, far from their starting point in Los Angeles. Our five jam-packed days flew by as we enveloped ourselves in the splendors of Vilamoura; listening to Karen Bystedt, photographer and artist, retell her story of photographing Andy; being moved by the unpretentious nature of these 10 talented artists; looking on in wonder as urban painting evolved into uber-cool community wall murals. Read on and experience what it was like to be there with us as we recap our work highlights from a week spent in art’s world of sustainable luxury….FullSizeRender

FullSizeRenderDuring Karen’s talk, we learned much about the Pop Art King, Andy Warhol. Did you know his favorite Disney character was Minnie Mouse…because he claimed she could get him closer to Mickey.wood frame

IMG_7422Ricardo Pereira made the Sugi wood frames for each piece of artwork. Art on its own qualifies as sustainable luxury because of its support of artists and creativity in a luxury category, but when the material used to frame the art is also environmentally sustainable it really makes our hearts sing!FullSizeRender 5Ten talented artists gave Karen Bystedt’s The Lost Warhols photographs a new life. The photo above features the work of Portuguese artists Goncalo Mar and Tamara Alves.FullSizeRender 7Each piece perfectly demonstrates the artist’s individual style. From left to right: Portuguese artists Daniel Eime, Kruella, Draw and Irish artist Maser.FullSizeRender 4So many different interpretations of Andy; a piece to suit any contemporary art enthusiast’s style. Featured artists left to right: U.S. artist King Saladeen, Portugal-based ByBeau, Portuguese Add Fuel and Portugal-based Filippo Fiumani. ByBeau’s installation periodically had “tomato soup” streaming down the face of the photograph.IMG_7231

IMG_7273Art itself is a sustainable luxury, as is the Sugi wood framing used for each piece. But there was also an element of community sustainability involved as well. Artists Add Fuel and Eime, along with Mar and Draw, worked their creative magic as they transformed outside walls into works of art to enhance the community.Kelly and kidsWho do we all have to thank for finding The Lost Warhols and bringing them to the Algarve? Visionary Kelly Murtagh, art curator, consultant and owner of newly established Omey Projects produced this exhibit at Vilamoura World. This Portugal-based, Irish super-woman makes it look easy to juggle family life with the long-days involved in coordinating an effort such as introducing The Lost Warhols to their first international audience.IMG_7349The Team

We embraced the opportunity to work with Kelly on this unique exhibit. Her creative, innovative, and sustainable vision is as inspiring as the artist’s work itself. Omey Projects is committed to promoting art as a sustainable luxury; is it any wonder this collaboration with ethical muse was a match made in heaven…

Original art on exhibit is for sale, as are limited edition prints of each work. Please contact Kelly at or for more information.

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