Luxury Urban Retreat in the Heart of Portland




As expats residing in Dubai, and the founders of ethical muse, wanderlust courses through our veins. Between the two of us, we have traveled to close to 40 different countries.

As we launch our inaugural B-Blog (lifestyle focused business blog) we are highlighting one of our #sustainaluxe discoveries, Sentinel; a luxury boutique hotel located in a 106-year old historic building in Portland, Oregon.

Come travel with us every week as we introduce you to interesting places, people and things, each with elements of sustainability. Today, let’s get to know a bit more about Sentinel from President of Provenance Hotels, Bashar Wali.

Tell us a bit about Sentinel. Part of the Provenance Hotels, Sentinel is a 100-room urban boutique hotel that we opened in March 2014 in what was formerly the Governor Hotel. The name came from the robotic architectural sculptures that look out across the city from the top of this historic building. Sentinel features an art collection that includes larger-than-life life photos and original prints highlighting those that changed the world with their contributions to civil rights, fashion, sports, music and innovation. We also feature unique amenities such as Pillow, Spiritual and iPod menus; and a “Make it So” button on every hotel phone. And, did I mention we are pet-friendly?

What is the point of difference between the SENTINEL and other boutique hotels?
Sentinel, and all our Provenance Hotels, have a distinct, deeply integrated art story and a focus on local partnerships. These give the guests who stay with us an experience that inspires, informs and connects them with the destination.

What is your role with the SENTINEL? As President of Provenance Hotels, the company that owns and operates the hotel, I oversaw our acquisition, renovation and rebranding of the property.

What does the word sustainability mean to you? Beyond offering recycling and other standard green initiatives – which we naturally do as good citizens – sustainability for me is about being an active, supportive member of our community. We do that through partnerships that help support, highlight and celebrate other local businesses.

Does Sentinel do anything special to promote sustainability? Examples of the kind of sustainability mentioned above include our partnership with Salt & Straw – we deliver pints of their ice cream to our guests in their rooms and they created a special flavor for the opening of Sentinel. Or, our partnership with Smith Teamaker – we feature their tea in all our hotels and they have created several custom blends for us, including one for Sentinel’s opening. These partnerships allow us to not only support these businesses with our purchases but to bring them to the attention of our guests and help spread the word about the incredible creative entrepreneurs in Portland. Another great example that is both traditionally sustainable and representative of collaborative partnership is the rooftop bee hives from Bee Local that we installed at Sentinel.

Would we be correct in stating that SENTINEL’s muse are the visionaries that have impacted culture and history? Tell us how you celebrate them? Yes. We celebrate them in the signature art collection featuring those people who made history and changed the world. Travelers can stroll down the corridors past a collection of larger-than-life black and white photos of a young Muhammad Ali hamming it up for the camera or Martin Luther King Jr. moments after delivering his “I Have a Dream” speech. In the guest rooms you will find a pop art of visionaries such as John Lennon and Steve Jobs.

What is your “Make It So” Button? A standard offering at our hotels, this is a button on all guest room phones that, when pushed, connects guests to our team so we can fulfill any request from the most practical to the most whimsical.

Anything else fun that you want to add about SENTINEL? All rooms on the sixth floor of the West Wing – these include our City Terrace Suites and Bridgetown Parlor Suites – boast access to a hospitality suite, cleverly named “The Room at the End of the Hall”. It is stocked with complimentary local offerings for these guests’ enjoyment.

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