Portugal Uncovered; An Interview with Lewis Andrews Lifestyle Owners

Having a home in the Algarve for over 16 years, it was wonderful when Cathy literally stumbled upon the “Lewis Andrews Lifestyle” store; described as a lifestyle boutique for life in the sun.

Two things stood out.

  1. The owner Andy was trusting enough to allow her to take two chairs home to see if the colors would match her outdoor furniture…without getting a deposit or a phone number.
  2. Many of the display cases and tables were constructed from upcycled wood. Definitely a business that ethical muse wanted to find out more about.

Read on as ethical muse gets a bit more personal with owners Andy and Lynda Lewis-Pratt….

Lewis Andrews owners

How did the business get started? Living the fast-paced London lifestyle for years, a holiday in Portugal in 2003 gave us a glimpse of a slower pace. We purchased a holiday home and then moved to the Algarve in 2009. After a couple of years spent enjoying the social scene, tennis and yoga, we began to get bored. We were both in business in London for years but in the Algarve, at age 51, Andy was the youngest retiree in our social circle. We decided to create a destination for residents and tourists; a department store on a smaller scale.

How long has Lewis Andrews been in business? In November 2015 we celebrated our four-year anniversary.

How many locations do you have? We have one location opposite Apolonia (the Algarve’s premiere supermarket). But, our store concept can possibly be rolled out as a franchise in other resort towns such as Marbella, Ibiza, Mallorca…

What do you sell? Mens and ladies fashion, beachwear and jewelry. From March – October we also sell outdoor furniture.

What is your best seller? Bikinis.

Who is your typical customer? Our typical customer is between 30 – 70 years old, affluent with children and/or grandchildren. They are family focused, with many British and Irish shopping with us. Also, many Portuguese customers from Lisbon and Porto stop by and love speaking English with us.

What does sustainability mean to you? Lynda: Recycling and no waste. Andy: Having a real presence in the community. ACCA is our nominated charity that we donate to every year. At the end of the year we give our excess products to ACCA. We are a drop off point for anything they do such as collecting backpacks and school supplies for underprivileged children. In the U.K. we were also involved with MAD (Make a Difference) and Against Malaria Foundation.

How do you currently channel sustainability into your lifestyle choices? We sell and use items from the following brands: TOMS, Aspiga (made in Kenya), Turtle Bay towels, Nkuku (fair trade), Bohemia Design.

Let’s have some fun…..

Favorite holiday destination? Since we live by the beach we like city holidays such as Paris, Madrid and London.

Five items you never travel without? Phone charger, medicines, glasses, phone and iPad.

Favorite App? Instagram- Lewis Andrews of course!

What are you reading? Lynda: After You, by Jojo Moyes. Andy: Mindfulness, by Gill Hasson

Early birds or night owls? Early birds.

Favorite product in your store and why? Lynda: Hipanema bracelets. I find that everyone finds one they like and they bring a smile to their face. Andy: Panama hats because they conjure up the image of holiday. Both men and women buy them.

What or who inspires you? Life. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Life is a journey not a destination“. We love the journey.

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