Sustainable Luxury: 1 Hotel Central Park

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 “The world around us is beautiful and we want to keep it that way.”

Barry Sternlicht

1 Hotel CEO

There is no doubt in our minds that Barry Sternlicht, CEO & Chairman of 1 Hotels, is on a mission. His 1 Hotels beautifully blend both luxury and responsibility to create a refreshing platform for change. Not just a brand, they are also a cause focused on minimizing their carbon footprint and working with organizations that care about sustainability, the environment, and local communities. Definitely an ethos that resonates with ethical muse. In our muse-worthy read this week we go on the road again to share our five favorite sustainable elements at 1 Hotel Central Park


Entrance to 1 Hotel

 Doors to entrance of the hotel

On the corner of 58th and Avenue of the Americas, you walk past the vine-covered building and potted plants thinking that you’ve stumbled across a garden refuge. However, between the pots, you will find the doors to the entrance of the 1 Hotel. Made from 16,000 twigs surrounded by redwood timbers salvaged from decommissioned NYC water towers. A discarded piece of timber has a new use.




Their hangers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and are full of whimsical stories. We especially enjoyed the hanger made from Love Letters – Pressed into this hanger are sweet nothings, fond remembrances, passionate longings- anonymous lovers’ secrets are safe with us.


 Hey, where’s my turn-down bottle of water?

No Fiji or Voss at this establishment. 1 Hotel prides itself on a triple-filter purification system so you can go straight to the tap. And it’s the little details that ethical muse noted. Their water jug and drinking glasses are repurposed from empty wine bottles. We appreciate that 1 Hotels share their metrics and data that track their impact. They have saved 266,500 plastic bottles this quarter by using their triple-filtered tap water. We’ll drink to that!


Is that a timer in my shower?

It’s a generally known fact that taking shorter showers is an excellent place to start saving water. However, how many of us really time our shower? Now there is no excuse not to at the 1 Hotel. Apparently, lingering under that shower head uses up to five gallons of water every minute. In the first quarter of 2016, according to the 1 Hotel’s metrics, five million gallons of water have been saved through their shower timers and low flow fixtures. When we stay here, we feel good about helping to do our part. And, we are ready to hit the streets of Manhattan that much quicker!


Not one piece of paper in the room. How do I jot down notes?

 In today’s hi-tech world, 1 Hotels has managed to pair new-school and old-school. A hand-held device allows you to order food, SMS the concierge, arrange for laundry pick-up and request a ride from the hotel’s Tesla (of course!). However, it was the reclaimed chalk board for notes and doodles that caught our eye.



ethical muse has often commented that the sustainable choices you make need to fit with your own lifestyle. Sustainability isn’t one size fits all. Perhaps you aren’t ready to give up using plastic bottles yet, but you can still make a difference in other ways; putting thought into where you stay when you travel is a good start. 

Heading to New York this summer? Try the 1 Hotel and let us know what you thought. 

We know you don’t need another hotel. You need a better 1.”

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