Sustaining the Tradition of Giving Thanks

The last Thursday in November is Thanksgiving day; an American holiday steeped in tradition. While originally representative of the Pilgrims coming to America and sharing a meal with their new Native American friends, over the years it has morphed into an excuse to over-eat and spend the day watching football.  Christina and Cathy’s personal Thanksgiving traditions have evolved over time, but one … Read More

Follow-up Friday…Why We Like Deadly Companions

In yesterday’s post, ethical muse shared an interview we did with one half of Deadly Companions duo, designer Isabelle Guillemot. For our Follow-up Friday feature we wanted to share why we like this edgy fashion brand. Not only is it on-trend, youthful and features local artists, Deadly Companions also makes responsible choices in fashion and life. Their label says it … Read More

Follow up Friday…What We Liked About Sentinel Hotel

Last month ethical muse had the opportunity to experience the sustainable luxury of Sentinel Hotel first hand when Cathy stayed there. Read on to find out a few of her favorite details… Who wouldn’t smile to themselves when greeted with the understated simplicity of this welcome flower and local Pinot she found waiting in her room. And, the sustainaluxe touches, like … Read More

Luxury Urban Retreat in the Heart of Portland

    As expats residing in Dubai, and the founders of ethical muse, wanderlust courses through our veins. Between the two of us, we have traveled to close to 40 different countries. As we launch our inaugural B-Blog (lifestyle focused business blog) we are highlighting one of our #sustainaluxe discoveries, Sentinel; a luxury boutique hotel located in a 106-year old historic building in … Read More