I am a…social media junkie with a bleeding heart and a penchant for good red wine. I have a huge imagination and like to dream big.

I draw creativity from…fashion, writing, music and travel.

I grew up…in the San Francisco Bay Area and earned my degree in Organizational Communication at Arizona State University. In 2009 I moved to Dubai with my husband and two sons and continue the process of growing up every day. I think each day offers the chance to continue growing, learning and evolving no matter how old we are.

Outside of my work…I cherish time with my boys, enjoying breakfast at outdoor cafes with my husband, digesting a great book, and soaking up anything related to fashion.

I love…the challenge of creating a lifestyle with the perfect balance between luxury and sustainability that works for me. That’s what ethical muse is all about; creating an ethos of awareness, choices and no judgement. Encouraging people to do what works for them, in big ways or small. Everyone doing a little bit can collectively add up to doing a lot.


I am a…realistic idealist. In my idealistic world, I would be living in a home which is powered by solar, eating locally grown organic food and riding a bicycle on my daily sojourns. Realistically, I can’t live without some creature comforts – air-conditioning, Ziplock bags and a designer handbag. It’s all about awareness and making choices, and that’s what ethical muse is all about.

I draw creativity from…my mother. She has an awe-inspiring attention to detail and truly is an exquisite seamstress (she made my wedding dress). I also draw creativity and inspiration from my travels and from nature. I love textures and color and enjoy the challenge of designing a new product for our clients from start to finish.

I grew up…in an Asian household in a Sydney suburb. I studied dentistry at the University of Sydney and lived in England with my husband before moving to the Bahamas. Now I live in Dubai.

Outside of my work…my life revolves around my workaholic husband, two teenage sons, a husky and a shih tzu and searching for collaborations for the Masooli School Project in Uganda.

I love…the outdoors and will try anything once. I have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, summited Kilimanjaro, abseiled down a waterfall and hesitantly have gone white water rafting on the Nile.